Trolley Based Tray Feeder

Trolley-based tray feeder is an automated system for feeding a predetermined number of loaded trays and collecting empty trays. As the loaded tray is used, empty trays are automatically pushed out and stacked.

  • No operator involvement in feeding or emptying the child part tray
  • Equipment can be planned for the length of time that the parts must be fed.
  • Based on tray design, native trays from customers can also be accommodated.
  • Tray replenishment is possible during the process without any halting
  • Automatic CAN feeding to robot pick and place
  • Automatic circulation of loaded bins and empty bins
  • Manual bin loading and unloading set (cycle time 12 Sec)
  • Toothed belt axes with recirculating ball bearing guide – speeds of up to 10 m/s
  • Gearbox flange size –  80 mm
  • Servo Motors – EMME AS
  • Axial Kit Transmittable torque – 120 Nm
  • LM Guide
  • In an assembly line automation, automated child parts are fed into trays.