General Assembly and Test Automation

A smarter approach to automation.

NextFirst has solid experience in building any-scale assembly automation solutions. We have expertise in designing, building and supporting large production assemblies and test projects for manufacturers worldwide. Our engineering solutions offer complete quality assurance tests using state-of-the-art technology and test equipment integrated with industry 4.0 capabilities. We provide automation solutions from the assembly system to the final test system to the medical devices, manufacturing and automotive industries.

We help:

  • Boost production rates
  • Enable efficient use of materials
  • Improve product quality
  • Scale up production
  • Ensure complete traceability of parts and processes
  • Improve accuracy and precision of the assembly process
  • Deliver faster lead time
  • Meet stringent cleanroom requirements

Use Cases

Where it matters

Collaborative Process & and Solution Engineering
We offer the right levels of automation in manufacturing solutions that are built, keeping the future in view along with a roadmap for production scale-up.
Material Handling
We provide automated materials handling solutions to minimize the operator's need to check-in, check-out, sort material, or transfer material-containing totes and bins.
Robotics Automation
We provide the capability to build robotic solutions using our building blocks - Gantry, SCARA or 6-Axis robots .
Precision high-speed assembly automation
We help design high-speed automated assembly that will increase production volumes without increasing the workforce.
Connected Factory
We use IoT sensors, cloud-based storage and analytics to analyze historical and real-time data from manufacturing devices and processes.
Test and Inspection Assembly
We integrate quality solutions into the manufacturing line, driving up performance on quality and reliability. Our range of solutions includes leak testing lines for automotive casting components to building endurance test rigs with actual process simulation.

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Productivity improvement during the assembly of water heaters

Without drastic changes to the existing product design or hiring additional assembly technicians, a leading commercial water heater corporation enhanced the productivity of its assembly line by over 20%.

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Planning framework for sustainable assembly of cartridges using appropriate automation

A leading medical diagnostic company decided to build a modern medical cartridge assembly line design for large scale manufacturing. At the same time, they wanted the flexibility to ramp up or down based on market demands.

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