Culture at NextFirst

Employee Speak

It’s been almost two months since I joined NextFirst, and I appreciate how much I’ve learnt in that short period. The people I work with and the culture is the cherry on top. The best part of the culture is our well-defined, open door policy. Constructive feedback, to me, is the most important aspect of my work journey. I’m grateful I have a team that encourages me and helps me remain motivated. We support each other and give our best efforts to the company.

Shraboni Sinha

Marketing Representative

What attracted me to NextFirst was the vision of the top management, their academic background and humbleness. I’m fortunate to have access to this caliber of people. It is a good place to be for young engineers who want to get a solid base to start their career. Here is a great opportunity to learn with the freedom to take decisions – that’s a perfect mix of authority and responsibility. You get a feeling of working with a group of friends and get exposed to best in the industry. The company has the right kind of people at the right places now and this should be cherished and nurtured further.

M.S. Ravindra

General Manager Operations

It’s been one year since I have joined NextFirst, and it has been and wonderful journey so far . I joined this company as a fresher and over the course of one year I have been given a great opportunity to improve my skill set and to develop some new ones.  The atmosphere here is wonderful, people respect each other and also  encourage  and motivate each other to grow. I am grateful and  proud to say that I am a small part of a big family called NextFirst

Manjunath KR

Design Engineer