Robotic Case Packing (Stacking)

Robotic case packing is an automated system that stacks bins (or child parts) in a case using a vision-guided robotic pick-and-place solution.


  • Bins fed in any orientation will be recognized and picked in the appropriate manner
  • Barcodes identify the bin variant and separate the bins according to the stacking matrix
  • Top sealer accommodates variable case sizes (i.e. 9 SKUs)
  • Delivers the required cycle time and throughput
  • Flexible End-of-Arm Tool (EOAT) is equipped with Vacuum and Bin Drop Detection unit
  • AI and machine learning technology to recognize bins for all versions
  • Creates a robot perimeter barrier with safety interlocking doors
  • Low level tape detection
  • Adequate conveyor path with a small footprint
  • Fanuc 710ic (6-axis robot)
  • Customized EOAT
  • Compact conveyor path for less available space
  • Packaging line automation