Robotic Case Erector

Robotic case erector is an automated system for extracting and forming carton blanks into shape. Later, the robots seal the bottom.

  • Accommodates multiple case sizes (i.e. 9 SKUs)
  • Small footprint (compact and simple layout)
  • Easily meets cycle time and throughput requirements
  • Simple and cost-effective technique (NF custom built) for part feeding without the use of drives
  • Ability to build different variant SKUs (cases) at the same time
  • Vaccum function on a flexible end-of-arm tool
  • Checks to see if any Cases have been dropped.
  • Robot perimeter barrier guarding with safety interlocking doors and bottom flap folder and tape sealing
  • Low-level detection for cases and tapes with a small footprint
  • Fanuc 710ic (6-axis robot)
  • Customized EOAT
  • Customized magazine for variant sizes
  • Packaging line automation