Case label applicators from RCP

Case label applicator is a device used to apply labels on cases for product identification (product id, part no, bin details) and other details for traceability, manufacturing, logistics and data processing.

  • Print and apply labels to the product (SKU) for all variants of the product (SKU’s)
  • Print and apply the label that was generated by the client’s traceability system.
  • Flexibility in the position of label application
  • Can be placed in the desired location along the line
  • Can only be positioned on one of two sides, which must be chosen during the ordering process.
  • Capacity – 180 Pallets per hour
  • Label Material – Self-adhesive paper labels, optional PE/PP
  • (LxBxH) = 1.3m x 0.86m x 2.3m

(All the dimensions are in meter)

  • Label applicator on cases for product identification