Bin Stacking Station

Product stacking stations are used to stack products from the manufacturing line inside cartons using a case erector. The station comprises a 6-axis robot with a suction gripper attached as an end effector to stack bins and a machine vision system to locate and pick bins from the conveyor system.

  • Pick and place all SKU variants
  • Accurate cycle time estimates
  • Efficient and high-quality solutions
  • Quick operations using machine vision
  • Reduces the number of faulty operations
  • Allowable axis inertias are large.
  • Wrist design that is smart, in order to provide better protection.
  • Very high axis speeds
  • A large envelope allows for extremely quick handling of larger or heavier workpieces.
  • Higher pallet stacking.
  • Robot specs:
  • 6-Axis robot
  • Payload- 50 kg
  • Reach: 2.05 m
  • Robot weight: 560 kg
  • No of suction cups: 4
  • Lifting Capacity: 4 Kg
  • Bin stacking in a carton box