Case Reorienter

Case reorientor is a device that reorients the carton in its current position. The reorientation of the carton is performed by a lift and rotate actuator in the unit.

  • Compact and efficient design
  • High performance and low cycle time
  • Low cost turntable design 
  • Rotates the case 90 degrees but can be configured to rotate 360 degrees or more.
  • Any product on the line can be reoriented
  • Simple and effective design for high-speed lines that need to reorient quickly.
  • Size: 32
  • Stroke: 100
  • Rotation Angle: Endless
  • Max torque: 6.7 Nm
  • Max Feed Force: 750 N
  • System weight: 30.3 kg (excluding conveyor system)
  • Adjust a product’s orientation along the horizontal plane without affecting its present plane.
  • Acts as a great alternative for the turntable concept.