Bin Visual Inspection Unit

Visual Inspection is a unit that inspects products post manufacturing for defects and irregularities using AI from injection molding machines.


  • Identifies the surface flaws that the customer has specified
  • Provides inputs based on the defect type and helps determine which parts are OK and which are not.
  • Improves quality as it allows inspection of problems from all four sides
  • Can be used in both automated and manual activities
  • Reduces time and effort taken for inspection


  • The enclosure creates the ideal lighting effect for easy observation
  • Utilized in a variety of settings regardless of the light source
  • A mobile device that can be moved to the desired location
  • Pneumatic-free system that only requires electrical compliance
  • Side panels make it simple to perform any maintenance


System Dimension

  • (LxBxH) = 3m x 2.5m x 1.5m

(All the dimensions are in meter)

Use Case

Surface defect inspection