Productivity Improvement Solutions

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What We Do

NextFirst brings in productivity guarantee with appropriate automation NextFirst has experience in defining automation requirements to improve productivity by utilizing process engineering, analysis and innovative design. NextFirst uses a multi-step approach to scientifically evaluate your automation needs:

  • Analyse your individual assembly processes with respect to cycle time and throughput
  • Work backward from the Takt time to identify bottleneck processes
  • Re-engineer processes to balance the throughput and arrive at target processing time for bottleneck processes
  • Design the automated assembly processes / automated material handling to meet the target processing time

NextFirst thus does not use a one-size- fits all approach but rather plans and develops a comprehensive customised solution to solve your problem.

Process Capabilities System Capabilities
  • Precision Assembly Automation
  • High Speed Pick and Place
  • Traceability integration
  • Screw Tightening
  • Sealant applications
  • Curing applications
  • Welding applications
  • Riveting applications
  • Servo based systems
  • Transfer systems
  • Rotary systems
  • Leak and Flow Measurement Calibration systems
  • Direct / Indirect measurements systems
  • Vision systems
  • Material handling systems

Case Studies

Choke Coil Winding Machine

NextFirst built a high speed production line involving a SCARA robot to achieve close manufacturing tolerance and part handling.

Octopus Assembly Machine

NextFirst designed a single assembly machine for a tubular component involving multiple pressings at varying orientations and directions.