Medical Device Assembly Automation

Improve product quality while meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

NextFirst designs and builds solutions needed for automated assembly and functional testing of medical devices. Our manufacturing and testing solutions for medical assembly devices address challenges such as: process and product complexity, miniaturization, scalability, and ROI. We help achieve higher production volumes by automating high-skill operations that have flexible and consistent processes, enabling compliance with the required standards and cleanroom requirements.

We help:

  • Scale processes
  • Improve the quality of the product
  • Build data-enabled processes
  • Meet stringent cleanroom requirements
  • Meet precision handling requirements

Use Cases

Where it matters

Process Planning
We use a consultative approach in developing assembly manufacturing processes for high volume industrial production.
Prototyping & Concept Validation
We validate critical or new processes, using proof-of-concept and prototyping.
Functional and performance testing
We conduct functional and performance testing using our test automation solutions. We also capture data and perform an automated dimension check.
Assembly line manufacturing
We offer modular smart assembly lines that can handle small chip and delicate parts of 3.5 x 3.5 mm size chip with optical light path.
Robotic handling
We can build robotic solutions and help in automated material movements with vision-assisted technology for automated pickup and placement of micron-sized gels or in a strict low humidity environment.
Vision-based inspection
We offer vision-based inspection which can detect up to 1.1 mm size beads and impart coordinates for robot-based pickup and loading

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