Connected Factory Solutions

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What We Do

Productivity Monitoring Solutions
  • Production data logging
  • Process compliance reports
  • Aggregated production rates, utilisation rates
  • Aggregate scrap count and rejection rates
Part and Quality Monitoring Solutions
  • Traceability
  • Part level parameter data logging
  • Parametric trends at various levels of aggregation
  • Deviations from control limits
  • Dashboards and Alerts
Machine Health Monitoring Solutions
  • Predictive maintenance alerts
  • Remote breakdown monitoring

Case Studies

Traceability and inter-connecting assembly lines is the future of Indian manufacturing industry. As part of our automation solution we provide integration of tracking and traceability of products with complete part assembling/manufacturing history. This allows that client process undergoes improvement in quality, bottlenecks are identified and reduction in costs is achieved by taking corrective actions. Traceability ensures the parts manufactured, procured and assembled in the product are recalled by their batch codes or serial numbers.

Traceability solution for Batteries

Learn how NextFirst built a marking and traceability solution for a running line of battery manufacturer.