Assembly Capacity Building

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What We Do

We help you meet your growth objectives by leveraging technology and engineering to efficiently add to your assembly capacity. Our assembly line solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing industrial setup. Our lines are smart, providing production statistics, quality reports, maintenance diagnostics remotely, in real time.

From semi-automated assembly lines to fully automated line with multi-station and robotic automation, we have designed and built them all. We have successfully handled productivity levels from 60 ppm to 1200 ppm.

When you sign up with NextFirst, we not only provide the solution but an array of features:

  • Optimized cost of setup and operation for assembly
  • Incorporation of poke-yokes systematically in the assembly line for predictability and safety
  • In-line and End-of-line testing /Inspection systems to ensure highest product quality
  • Multiple variant accommodating assembly line design with easy/minimal changeover requirements
  • Rigorous quality and performance tests in accordance with acceptance criteria before shipping
  • Achieving the business targets with correct balance of appropriate automation level and investment
  • Robust, flexible and lean assembly line with minimal lead time

Case Studies

XBB Glass Run Machines

See how NextFirst built a flexible semi automated assembly line for cutting / slitting / notching glass run sealing rubber for an American auto maker.

Alternator Assembly Line

Know how NextFirst’s assembly line for the production of alternators helped the customer ramp up capacity to 1000 units a day with only 10 operators

Head Lamp Lever Assembly Line

Learn how an automotive Customer was able to achieve production targets of 10,00,000 per year with only 12 operators using a NextFirst built assembly line